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Portrait Pricing Guide

Great for models, businesses, birthdays, bloggers, prom, etc.

Portriat Pricing Guide

Package A: $300

2 outfits, 2 locations (For Outdoor Session), or 2 backdrop colors (For Studio Session)

Approx. 1-hour 30 min outside or 1 hour studio session

9 edited photos without skin retouch

Portriat Pricing Guide

Package B: $280

2 outfits, 1 location (For Outdoor Session)​ or 1 backdrop color (For Studio Session)

Approx. 1-hour session

7 edited photos without skin retouch

Portriat Pricing Guide

Package C: $260

1 outfit, 1 location(For Outdoor Session) 

or 1 backdrop color (For Studio Session)

Approx. 30-minute session

5 edited photos without skin retouch


Skin Retouch: $20 extra

Semi Nude skin retouch (lingerie): $35 extra

Studio Rental: $50 extra

Please read everything below and review the FAQ's. Note the separate pricing guide for graduates, and couples/ groups.


If the package above does not meet your needs a custom package can be made for you.

Times are approximated for clients just in case you have plans after the shoot. It may or may not last as long as the approximated times. No RAW (unedited) photos included.

*Birthday Shoots must be booked 2 weeks in advance.*

Once a package is booked you can not downgrade & receive money back.


    • 40% of the package price is due as a non-refundable down payment (ex: Package C is $260: $104 due to be put into my calendar and then $156 remaining the day of the shoot). Paid online via Honeybook. Deposit must be paid 24 to 48 hours after the invoice is sent. 


    • If the location of choice is over 30 minutes from me there will be an extra travel fee added to the package price. Pricing for that depends on the exact location. If your package comes with multiple locations, they should be no more than 15 minutes away from each other. 15 minutes away from each other will result in an extra travel fee of $15.


  • LATE FEE: *10 minutes late is an additional fee of $15*. 

    • More than 25 minutes late will result in a cancellation of your shoot. The retainer fee will not be refunded. If you come needing to get dressed at the shoot you will also be charged the late fee.



    • Please book at least 4 days before your desired shoot date. Birthday Shoots must be booked 2 weeks in advance. An extra $15 fee for booking less than 4 days in advance.



    • Looking to book in the studio? There will be an extra $50 fee added to my package price. That is to rent out the studio space for an hour. Some studio prices vary based on location.


    • Out of the images taken from the session, you will pick the number of edits your package comes with. I do not send RAW images (unedited photos) You may also pay for extra edited images if you would like.

      • Every additional image is $15 each​

      • Full Skin retouch will be $20 added to your package price when booking.

      • Semi-nude shoots will be $35 added to your package price. More editing is required for lingerie or nude shoots.


Frequently Asked questions

  • Deposits and Forms of Payment:

    • For your convenience, non-refundable downpayments can be made online via when I send over the invoice. You can pay using a valid credit card. The remaining balance is due the day of the shoot and can be paid in cash or online via I require 40% of your package price as a retainer fee to secure your date and time. Example:(Package C is $260. $104 downpayment and $156 remaining the day of the shoot)  You will not be put on my calendar until I receive the downpayment and I only accept the downpayment via Deposits must be paid 24 to 48 hours after the invoice is sent. 

  • What happens if the weather is bad? : 

    • Sometimes the weather may be bad… We can reschedule the photoshoot for another day with the same downpayment, or I can refund you the downpayment if we cannot come up with a new session date.

      • Note: If you fail to show up to the photoshoot, or cancel last minute the photoshoot will not be rescheduled

      • To reschedule for other reasons than the weather there will be a $15 fee. 

  • Do I travel outside of North Carolina?:

    • Yes, there will be an additional travel fee added to the package of your choice. I need the exact location of the shoot to tell you the additional fee.

  • Do I own a studio or do studio work?:

    • I do not own my own studio yet, but we can rent out the studio. Those prices are a separate fee from what my prices are. It is an additional $50 added to my package pricing to rent the space for your session. (Some studio prices vary based on location).

  • Can you send me a few images after the shoot? Do you provide Prints?:

    • I won’t be able to send a few images right after the shoot. I do work hard to get the images edited and to you in a timely manner. My turn around time is no more than 2 weeks. I do not provide prints to clients yet. Feel free to print at any location of your choice.

  • How will I receive my photos? What is the turnaround time for receiving my photos?:

    • A link will be sent to your email. The site Pixieset will allow you to like the number of photos your package gives you. Then when the images of your choice are hearted  I will edit them and get them back to you within 2 weeks, and send them to you via WeTransfer (downloadable email link).

      • On WeTransfer the photos will disappear in seven days, so you want to make sure you get them downloaded!

      • I try and get pictures back to clients within 2 weeks depending on your package and any extra images you purchase.

  • I do NOT send RAW files:

    • You will not receive every picture taken. You will only get the number of photos your package provides edited by me. The rest will be deleted unless you pay for extra.

      • Additional images are $15 each

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